Michèle Champagne
            Design, design
            and a bit of writing.

(           2017–2018) Montréal
(           2011–2016) Toronto
(           2008–2011) Amsterdam

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A research residency at ARTEXTE is not affraid of happiness.

A HARVARD lecture on publication as a “two-way” public conversation.

A guess, a profile, a guest professorship at ÉCOLE DE DESIGN at UQAM

A collaborative book on the letter as a tool for design debate.

A ping pong of emails on LUST and LUSTlab for BACK OFFICE journal.

A WALKER ART essay on handwriting in an era of glitter text generators.

A is for A-B-Z, a self-initiated school for art, design, and code.

A digital literary magazine redesigned like a PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE CANADA.

A visual audit of private towns for VOLUME magazine.

A mouse, a massive, a master of design from SANDBERG INSTITUUT AMSTERDAM.

A Verenigde Sandbergen magazine doubles as an exhibition catalogue.

A web-to-print magazine for design criticism and Internet comments.

A study of mandatory positivity and its negative consequences.

A DROOG and METAHAVEN research expedition to STRELKA.
A VPRO catalogue designed with public letters, rants, and reviews.

A do-it-yourself travel network for MEDIAMATIC FOUNDATION.

A newfound sense of AAAAA.

A new website is coming soon.